Our Mentors

Mr. Richard Powell - Mentor

Mr. Powell has been a mentor for the North Kingstown High School FTC Teams since the program's inception in 2007. He is the STEM Curriculum Coordinator for the North Kingstown School Department and the Academy of Engineering and Robotics at North Kingstown High School.  He teaches Physics and Engineering Courses NKHS.

Ms. Malaree Shields - Mentor

Ms. Shields is new to the FTC Community, this being her first year as a mentor in our program. She has been teaching science, robotics and special education courses at NKHS for three years, picking up skills in Lego EV3, PITSCO TETRIX and Modern Robotics robot design/control systems and programming, and her Robotics 1 course during the first semester of this school year served as a beta test group for the Modern Robotics Fusion Controller, an all-in-one solution for robot control that allows clients to talk directly with the robot without the need of Android devices. Ms. Shields was instrumental in the formation of our newest FTC Team, The Robo-Cats from Wickford Middle School, and we are extremely grateful she has joined our team. Thank you, Ms. Shields!

Mrs. Michele Egan - Mentor

Mrs. Egan, a Social Media/Digital Experience Manager from Schneider Electric, comes to us every other week to help our teams out with various smaller tasks such as Outreach, Social Media/Branding and Notebooks. While this is her first year being involved with both FIRST and our organization, we are grateful to have someone like her to help us shine some more light on the lesser-known business aspects of the FIRST program.

Tom Rishworth - Mentor

Tom is a recent graduate of North Kingstown High School, where he spent two years in our FTC program. Helping out with programming and as a team leader, Tom also spent time helping to enhance communication between our program's five teams and also worked to revamp and enhance the program's digital presence and advertising. Additionally, he served as the Event Director for our annual Holiday Battle Scrimmage, increasing attendance to over 24 Teams for 2018. He is currently studying Criminal Justice at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire, and serves as a FIRST Technical Advisor for FTC in New Hampshire and Rhode Island, as well as a FIRST Robotics Competition FTA Assistant and Control Systems Advisor for New England FIRST.