Team 9219

If It Ain't Broke

2018: RI State Championship Finalist Alliance Member

2019: RI State Championship Motivate Award Winners

2020: RI State Championship Semi-Finalist Alliance Member

Team 9219, If It Ain't Broke, founded in 2015 as NORTH Robotics' Third FTC Team, was started by a group of friends rising into Ninth Grade. Originally named the "Freshmen Fighters," Team 9219 had a very successful first season, winning several awards despite having no prior FTC experience. While their second season began rather rough, many lessons were learned that year, and to commemorate one major principle the team had picked up, Team 9219's name was changed to "If It Ain't Broke," notably referring to the old american proverb, "If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It." Since then, Team 9219 has been extremely successful, stunning the other NKHS FTC Teams with a quick rebound from a rocky second season. Team 9219 has always retained a friendly atmosphere, staying true to the friendship-base the team was founded on originally.

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