Team 15374

Bolts and Bytes

2019: RI State Championship Connect Award Winner

2019: RI State Championship Inspire Award - 2nd Place Award Winner

2020: RI State Championship Inspire Award - 3rd Place Winner

2020: RI State Championship Winning Alliance Member

Team 15374, Bolts and Bytes, is one of our strongest teams. It is comprised of some of our program's more experienced members. Team 15374 holds a strong bond due to the members mostly equal experience and position levels. Many of Team 15374's members grew up together and attended the same schools, and some even did FIRST Lego League together, so being on a team together was a natural fit. Over the course of both of their seasons Team 15374 has had great success in both competition and awards, not only being able to score consistent full autonomous rounds, but also simultaneously impressing judges, enough to award them second place for the Inspire award at the Rhode Island FTC State Championship in 2019, as well as third place Inspire award and Winning Alliance in 2020 at Rhode Island State, qualifying Team 15374 as the first alternates from Rhode Island to compete at the FIRST World Championship in Detroit in April (alongside our own Team 701). Overall, Team 15374 has had one of the most successful first seasons of any team established under our program and a very fruitful second season.