Meet the Team

Team 15374

15374 is the senior team at North Kingstown High School.


Lead Builder

Logan is a Senior at North Kingstown High School. He is in the school’s CTE program, following the path of engineering CTE classes. This is his fourth year doing First Tech Challenge, where he is contributing substantially and intends to continue to participate. He has also participated in Science Olympiad during 7th and 8th grade. Logan admittedly spends too much of his time playing video games.


Lead Programmer

Danielle is a six year veteran of FIRST programs. She spent 3 years on the Davisville Middle School FLL Team and the previous 3 years on team 15374. She is a talented programmer and wants to follow a career in biomedical engineering. Danielle is in both the Engineering CTE program and the Computer Science program. Often in her spare time she likes to read books and write.



Miranda is a Senior who joined the NORTH Robotics team freshman year with an interest in the topic, curious to learn more about it. She is also involved in NKHS’s CTE program. Miranda is a lead documenter who often decides how to format the notebook. She likes to draw, play video games, and listen to music. Her brother was on Team 701, The GONK Squad during his highs chool years.


Driver and Builder

Gavin is a Senior at North Kingstown High School. Originally from Warwick, he joined the CTE program in order to go to NK for high school. He participated in robotics in middle school but joined the North Kingstown team in his sophomore year. Gavin is one of our two drivers. He also enjoys spending time with friends and playing guitar.



David is a member of the engineering CTE program at North Kingstown High School. This is his fourth season in the FTC and FIRST Programs as a builder. David also sails, is a boy scout, and is a member of the school’s Jazz Band.



Brett is a Junior who joined the NORTH Robotics team freshman year with an interest in robotics and computer science as a career. He is involved in both the NKHS’s Engineering CTE and Computer Science Pathway. He is interested in pursuing a career in Artificial Intelligence, and machine learning development. His main role on the team is programming the odometry for the robot. He enjoys sports, developing apps, and software, automating tasks of daily workflow, hacking, video games, and hanging out with friends. He has had prior FIRST experience in 8th grade as a part of FLL.



Payton is a Senior at NK. Last year, James and Logan introduced him to First Tech Challenge and he joined us. This is his third year at North Robotics. He works mainly with the documentation process but has acted as the team’s human player in past games. Payton is in the school’s CTE program and currently following the engineering course pathway. As a career, he plans on being an engineer.



James is a Senior at North Kingstown High School. He joined one of North Kingstown’s CTE programs (engineering) and he joined robotics as a freshman. He sometimes works with programming but he is much more focused on perfecting the notebook. He enjoys karate, chess, and tennis.



Aaron is a Senior at North Kingstown High School and the newest member of the team. He has always enjoyed solving problems, and he feels as though robotics is the best way to test these abilities. Along with technology, Aaron also enjoys playing guitar and writing code in Python.